Friday, March 23, 2012

Wild Card!

     For the wild card topic I am choosing to write about body image with the media. Body image is defined as how you look at yourself. Due to the media, these days body image is a huge problem all over the word. Most often the problem occurs with girls, mainly around my age. The media has a huge impact on how girls look at themselves. The media tends to make girls in magazines, and on TV look flawless. The problem is, being flawless does not exist. The models and girls they show are always a size 0. And in this day in age, if you are not a size 0, then you are fat, and or ugly. It is disgusting the way the media can make girls, and boys too feel about themselves. Due to the way this makes girls feel about themselves, often the girls start to self harm. They begin to cut themselves because they think they are fat, or that they are not beautiful. Well, they are. Everyone is beautiful. it does not matter if you are a size 0 or a size 259, you are beautiful in every single way. Being high school i know how a lot of kids are being bullied. A good amount of the time they are being bullied because of the way they look. Everyone judges people, and that is a HUGE problem that we have. No body ever gets to know the person, or who they are. They just are so judgmental. The media makes it seem like you have to look a certain way. You have to be thin, and tall, and have long hair, and blue eyes, and you need to have large breasts. It does not matter what you look like. You are all beautiful in every single way. The way you look doesn't make you beautiful, your personality and who you are does. Beauty comes from the inside, being beautiful to me, means helping others, being respectful, doing the best you can, to me that is truly beautiful. The media shows girls that are just unrealistic, the images they show as beautiful, no one looks like. The media seems to cause a lot of problems. We have been learning in Wellness the past 2 weeks about body image. We have spent a lot of time on what girls and boys too do to make them selves look "beautiful". They believe to look that certain way they need to purge all the food they eat or they do not eat at all. There are so many different kinds of eating disorders in the world. 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with a type of eating disorder, and the numbers have been increasing every year. Many people with eating disorders can die from it. Their body just cannot handle it anymore and it just completely shuts down. We recently saw a family on Oprah whose daughter died due to an eating disorder. She stopped eating for a number of weeks, and her body became so weak, that it just shut down. The girl died at an age of 17 because she had a heart attack. The media caused this. The media makes girls everywhere belive you HAVE to look like that, and you have to BE that. It is so unfair the pressure that girls face to even leave the house. I am sure every woman in the world has thought at one point in their life that they were fat, or that they needed to go on a diet and loose weight. It is crazy. Men face this problem too. One million men in America have been diagnosed with eating disorders, and the number are increasing rapidly. This needs to change. Girls and boys need to stop killing their bodies because the way they think they have to look. They need to know that they are beautiful, every single one of them. Every girl, boy, woman, man in the word is beautiful in their own special way. When you look into the mirror you should see that, you shouldn’t sit there pointing out your flaws like almost everyone does. You should look in the mirror and think I really am beautiful, and they should be happy with the way that they look. They should never be ashamed, because they are BEAUTIFUL, every single one of them, in every single way!

How Can You Make A Difference

     If I were to pick a non-profit organization through fashion, I would create an organization to help get the less fortunate get the cloths that they need to survive. There are many kids my age that do not have cloths. It's really said to think about and unfortunately it's true. I would create an organization that would help all of them to not only have cloths, but also to be in style.
     To raise awareness for the organization I would make posters and try to get the word out. I would ask all my family members and all my friends to help me with the project. We would also make the cloths for the kids ourselves!  We could get all the materials that we need in order to make them, and with the help of family and friends we could get it done! it would mean so much more to everyone if we personally made the clothing for the kids.
    The mission statement for the organization would be to just help everyone that we can and to make sure they have everything that they need. A little bit of your time can make a HUGE difference in children's lives and it is really important that we all help them.
     The target audience for the organization is kids in their teenage years. i would love to help out all children of all ages but the main target audience would be teenage kids. Especially during those years it is important to fit in and be in style, and i would love to help all the girls and boys possible.

Friday, March 16, 2012

If I were a stylist...

1. I discovered this website through google, and this personal stylist, and fashion expert has had over a decade of expireience. She is based in New York City and has worked with the words top photographers and cleberties.
2. Are you in sereious need of a fashion transformation? If you are, I can be the perfect help. You may just need a little transformation to get you were you want to be! My name is Audrey McFarland, and for less then $10,000, i can style you for a whole 6 months! i spent 5 years in fashion school in Boston MA. It was the best part of my life, and i can HELP you. This fashion intervention will include wardrobe clarity, a day of shopping, make up lessons with top make up artist, a look book, tailoring appointments as needed, a new you, and much more! 
3. After I did my research i discovered that you can charge up to $10,000 dollars for up to six months of styling. It really depends on the stylist, and how much expireience they have had.
4. These would be my prices;
$1,000 ; One month.
$3,000 : Two months.
$5,000 : Three months.
$6,000 Four-Five months.
$10,000 : up to,Six Months.
5. If I were Ms.Harris’ personal stylist I would dress her based off of her conservative and classy tastes. I would pick out darker clothing with pops of colors or bold accessories. I would also add heels into her wardrobe. The price I would charge Ms.Harris would be 2,000 dollars for a half year session.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Contraversal Fashion Ads

-the 1980 Calvin Klein Jeans campaign was controversial because of 15 year old Brooke Shields, who stated. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."
-I agree with the controversy 100% the 15 year old should not have been suggesting other things in a jean campaign!
-The designer could have made the ad a lot more appropriate, and focused on just selling the clothing item.

-The Tom Ford ad was controversial due to the fragrance for men they were selling that showed a fragrance tucked in a female models nether regions.
-I agree totally with this controversy. The ad for cologne should be MEN only, and not so sexual, it is a fragrance not anything else.
-The designer could have just had a man holding the cologne or something different then a woman having it, I think it was so inappropriate.

-The controversy was due to a young model being topless in an ad for socks.
-The controversy was exactly right; the woman should not be topless in an ad for socks! it shouldn't even be showing her upper body, i mean its for her feet!
-The designer could have just showed the models feet, with the socks or something different. There is no need to show the whole model, its only an item for feet.

-The controversy was over two models what seemed to be snorting a white string dress, that implied something else.
-I agree. That is totally ridiculous to have models snorting a dress? Did they forget it was to sell the garment.
-The designer could have had just one model, wearing the dress to a big event to show and promote the dress, not unnecessary behavior.

-The ad was controversial because it featured a topless model in a campaign for jeans.
-I agree 100% that it totally ridiculous, for jeans! Really?!
-The designer needs to embrace the quality of the jeans, not the body of a model.

-The controversy was over a woman’s pubic hair shaved into the letter G, for Gucci. Also a man crouched between her legs.
-I agree with the controversy 3000%. That is just disgusting.
-The designer should have done nothing even close to that ad, that is SO gross.

-The controversy is over an ad of topless males for their stores.
-I do not agree with this one. I love to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch and I always see their ads, and they are not that inappropriate. It is different for a male to be topless and a female to be topless i think it is okay for them to do it.
-The designers haven't and shouldn't change their ads, it had been the same ever since.

-The controversy was over an image of a half naked man holding down a woman, while other men watched. The controversy was over it showing sexual abuse and disregarding woman.
-I definitely agree, that is kind of offensive to me, as a woman.
-The designers could have done something different then what seems like promoting sexual violence.

-The controversy was over the "Be Stupid" ad campaign that encouraged people to be stupid and take risks.
-I wouldn't say i agree, because i do think people need to take risks and if they fail, they learn from them.
-The designers could have changed the title to maybe. "Be Risky", not "Be Stupid".

-The controversy was over an ad that showed a naked English model for an Opium fragrance. It was said to be disregarding to woman.
-I agree, that is crazy they had a naked model, and in fact it is disregarding to woman, it is very inappropriate.
-The designers could have had the model wearing cloths! And maybe just holding the fragrance, made it less sexual.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gender Roles in Fashion

I think that fashion is more focused and emphasized on woman than on men because the styles for woman are more fun, and creative. One designer that seems to focus more on woman then men would be Alexander McQueen. You often hear his name said on the red carpet by celebrities. He designs a lot of formal and expensive clothing for women that are usually only worn on celebrities. Most of the time it is being said by a woman. He does design for men but mostly focus on woman. a designer that focus on men more than women would be Calvin Klein. He does do a lot of women clothing but he does tend to have more options and designs for men. I do prefer woman clothing over men because it is more fun. You can be creative with what you wear. And because you can always stay in style and have fun with whatever you choose to wear.

what is beauty?

To me, beauty is not what you look like, it is who you are. Beauty comes from the inside, it's your heart, personality, and soul. There are all different kinds of beauty, and everyone and everything is beautiful. Te media often shows models that are so unrealistic and fake. 99% of the time they are photo shopped, air brushed and fixed on the computer. All the models in the magazines make you think that you have to look like them, but even they don't look like that. Beauty to me, does not really have a definition. Beauty is everything. Beauty is in nature, art, music, love, happiness. Having a beautiful warm heart is what makes you beautiful. The way you look doesn't define you, your personality does. Also, just beacause you are a very pretty person, all that is taken away if you have a terrible personality and soul. Beauty can not really be defined as one thing, because beauty is everything.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Critique

Dolce and Gabbana Spring fashion show 2012
The Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2012 fashion show shows many floral designs including many warm colors, such as pinks, yellows, reds, greens and more. Many of the garments are dresses and some skirts as well. I really like the colors that they chose, i think they fit the season, and the outfits. Towards the end of the show, there were more of some darker colors with a more formal type of look. You also start to see lots of sprakles, and shiny material. I really like the darker dresses and skirts but i do not think that they fit the season. Durring the Spring Season, there should be lots of bright and fun colors and designs, not such dark and dull colors and outfits. One thing that i wish was different were the fact that all the models were wearing either a dress, or skirt. I think that it would have been better for the models to be wearing different things too, such as pants or shorts.